In Caylus, France in the winter of 2013, I plucked a pheasant provided by Aux Delices de Caylus, without instruction, documenting the awkwardness with which I enacted this (historically) common culinary process. In various exploratory drawings, I work the drawing using charcoal, eraser and graphite, relying on the gesture of plucking as a mark making strategy. First plucked, then sorted, those feathers broken or attached to torn flesh were photographed in macro. Currently, I’m distilling this gesture to a notation and considering its potential as a visual score. En faisant as a project aims to merge the process (the doing—faisant) with the subject (the pheasant—faisan). The gesture has formed the basis of my drawings since. It is the first in what I hope will be an ongoing project wherein the performance of a historic process initiates a drawing gesture.